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Here is how to create a new profile in Microsoft Outlook. If you are creating a new profile in response to the move to the cloud, do not delete your old one, in order to save all of your old settings, emails, and information.

Outlook 2010/2016: Windows

  1. From the Start Menu, select the Control Panel.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, use the "Search Control Panel" function to search "Mail"
  3. From the results, select "Mail (32 Bit)" or "Mail (64 Bit)" depending on your computer. This will pull up this window:
    View profiles.png
  4. Select "Show Profiles".
  5. Now, on the new window, select "Add..." and enter the name you wish to be associated with the account.
    Add profile.png
  6. Windows will automatically take your credentials from your login to set you up with your new email profile. If you are setting this up on a personal device, refer to the Email configuration page for more information.

Outlook 2011: Mac

Microsoft refers to "profiles" as "identities" for Outlook for Mac users. They have thorough documentation on how to update your "identity" here.

Outlook 2016: Mac

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