Creating Name Authorities: Workflow & Decision-making

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Middlebury's Local Policies

Basic guideline: Create an authority record whenever cataloger feels there is a need. Think about the time involved not only in creating the authority, but when making a change that will create extra work reformatting bib records

  1. Create when the following is applicable:
    • Name needs a cross-reference for a variant
    • Name is especially significant or unique to Vermont
    • Name is associated with several (3 or more?) items
  2. Use the item in hand for information about variants, birth & death dates, etc. (i.e., do a minimum amount of research)
  3. Do not create undifferentiated name authorities
  4. Qualifiers:
    • $c qualifier: use only for names before 1900; for music items, may use $c for contemporary names, too
      Example:100 1 Smith, David, ‡c history master
    • $d fl[date]: for names before 1900
      Example:100 1 Johnson, Carl F., $d fl. 1893-1896