Creating Web Pages

The only currently supported method of creating your own web page (your personal site) at Middlebury is using our blogs. For help with our Blogs, see: Blogs, WordPress - our blogging software, and Forms in WordPress

One alternative to creating a personal web site is creating a profile page on the College web site. The Faculty Profiles in Drupal page describes this option.

Community Pages aka Midd-Unix

  • We used to support creating web pages using html on our community pages (http://community.middlebury.edu). The server that runs the community pages is known as midd-unix. Creating web pages on the community server requires knowledge of HTML or access to expensive web design software. We decided to recommend and support the blogs since they are free and do not require that you know HTML.
  • Existing accounts at http://community.middlebury.edu remain. New accounts are not being created anymore automatically. If a member of the Middlebury community needs to create a web page using plain html, it may be possible (with special permission) to obtain an account on http://community.middlebury.edu (aka midd-unix). Please contact the Helpdesk.
  • Once you have an account on midd-unix you will need to connect to midd-unix using your regular middlebury username and password. The instructions are below.
  • Once connected, you will need to build your website inside the "public_html" folder using plain html or using a web page editor. As we mentioned before, we do not have any documentation on how to edit html. The Digital Media Tutors may or may not be able to help with that. You may find the following links useful:
    HTML Tutorial: http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
    Kompozer (a Free Web Page Editor) Tutorials:
    http://homepage.mac.com/cjrtools/ebooks/ezines/mac-ezine-march.html (more mac-centric)

Connecting to Midd-Unix

NOTE: Midd-Unix accounts are not being created any more! Please see above for more details. Some faculty, staff and student personal web pages are still kept on Midd-Unix. You can connect to Midd-Unix while on the Middlebury campus or from off the campus.

On Campus

Connect using the End User Guides as appropriate to your operating system.

Off Campus

Windows computer
  1. Download and install WinSCP.
  2. Open WinSCP and in the window that appears type in:
    Host name: midd-unix.middlebury.edu
    Port: Leave as-is.
    Type your Middlebury College username and password (same as the one for your email address).
    Press Enter. You will be connected to midd-unix.
Mac computer

Open Fetch, it should be in your "Applications" folder. If you do not have fetch you can call the Helpdesk and they can e-mail you a link and an install code.

When Fetch opens enter the following:

  • Host: midd-unix.middlebury.edu
  • Connect using: SFTP
  • UserID: yourusername
  • password: yourpassword

Click OK.

Your folders on Midd-Unix should appear.

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