Creating a new Wiki page (revised)

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(Draft version: 01/05/12)

You can create a new wiki page using two methods.

First: Log in with your Middlebury username/password (upper right corner of LIS wiki)

Method #1:Use the Wiki URL

  • You can use the LIS wiki's base URL for creating a new page. The URL to an article of the LIS wiki is usually something like this:


  • Type this same url into your browser's URL search box, but replace Help:Contents with the name of the page you wish to create (for example, /how_to_create_a_wiki')
  • You will be taken to a Search Results screen that says something like:  "There is no page titled [your title]. You can create this page."
    Wiki create page screen.PNG

  • Click the "Create this page" link, which will take you to the wiki editor for that article. Type your text & edit using the toolbar icons/buttons.
    Wiki editor.PNG
  • If you want to edit the wiki code itself, click the first button labeled "Wikitext"
  • Click SAVE PAGE (at bottom). Your wiki page is now published and viewable by the public.

Method #2: Create from an established wiki page

  • Navigate to the page where you want your new wiki page linked
  • On that page, type in a unique title for your page where you want it to appear (for example, in a bullete
  • Click the link globe in the menu
    Wiki globe link.PNG
  • Type or copy/paste in this unique title into the Link box
    Wiki glob link fillin.PNG
  • In the next screen (Search results), you will see ‘No page title matches.’ Click the link ‘create this page.’
  • You will see the same Wiki edit box as in Method #1
  • Type your text and click SAVE PAGE. Your wiki page is now published and viewable by the public.

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