Davis Family Library 145 - Meeting Room

In this room you can project from a laptop using VGA or HDMI cable, play a DVD or Blu-ray, and host a videoconference with the Polycom unit.

Starting the system

Touch the touchpanel, this willl illuminate the screen. Touch the screen where indicated to go to the Main Menu.

You can control the lights there are 4 different lighting settings that a good for presentations and watching videos, volume, and screen from the touchpanel.

Projecting from a Laptop

  • Press the source you would like to project your laptop from, VGA or HDMI at the top of the screen
  • Connect the appropriate cable to your computer
  • Power on your computer. You should have project. If you do not, go to the troubleshooting section of this document

Watching a DVD/Blu-ray

  • Press the Blu-ray icon at the top of the touchpanel screen
  • Power on the Blu-ray player
  • Insert your disc and press play. You can control the Blu-ray player from the touchpanel. You can play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, skip forward, and skip back.

Polycom / Videoconferencing Click here for the for instructions on how to use the Polycom videoconferencing option.

Please remember to turn the system off when you are finished.

If you having difficulties projecting from your laptop, go to go/troublshoot for tips, or call the Helpdesk at x2200

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