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Davis Family Library 145 - Meeting Room

Projecting via Laptop

In this room you can project from a laptop using HDMI or wirelessly via the Apple TV or via Zoom. Select the source from which you'll be projecting on the button panel in the rack. To project wirelessly via Zoom, select Zoom from the button panel and then select Present on the iPad at the conference table. Follow the instructions on the iPad. To present wirelessly via the Apple TV, follow instructions @ http://go.middlebury.edu/airplay.

Join a Zoom Meeting

To join a Zoom meeting, press the Zoom button on the button panel in the front of the room. Then, from the iPad at the table, you can either press the "Meet Now" button which places you in the meeting room assigned to 145 (meeting info available @ http://go.middlebury.edu/zoomaddress). You can also join a different Zoom meeting by select the Join button on the left hand side of the iPad and entering in the meeting ID.

Please remember to turn the system off when you are finished.

If you having difficulties projecting from your laptop, go to go/troublshoot for tips, or call the Helpdesk at x2200

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