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Davis Family Library 201 - Watson Lecture Hall

In this room you can project from the desktop computer, a laptop using a VGA or HDMI cable, watch a DVD or blu-ray, or project from the document camare. You can also project from an analog dvice if you bring it with you such as a video camera or VCR.

This room has 3 screens that can be projected on. One in the center (Center Projection) and two side by side (Dual Projection). If you only want to project from one source such as a showing a DVD you would want to use the Center Projection, this has a larger center screen. If you are doing a presentation and would like to project from a laptop and show a clip from a DVD at the same time then you would want to use Dual Projection.

You can control the lighting, there are 4 different settings that will improve the projected image if the lights are turned down. You can also control the volume, screens, and shades.

Projecting from a Laptop - Press the laptop icon at the top of the touchscreen, connect the VGA or HDMI to your laptop. You should have projection but if you do not, go to the troubleshooting section of this document.

Watching a Blu-ray/DVD - Press the Blu-ray icon at the top of the touchscreen, power on the Blu-ray player (located ni the closet behind the podium) insert your disc and press play. You can control the Blu-ray player from the touchpanel. If it is not working, call the Helpdesk at x2200 for immediate assistance.

Document Camera - Press the Doc Cam icon at the top of the touchscreen. You may need to power it on, press the power button and wait for several seconds. It should be set to HDMI. You can control the Ddocument camera from the device.

Composite Video - This can be used if you want to show something from an analog device such as a VCR or a video camera that uses tape. Connect the RCA (red, yellow, white cable) from the device to the front of the rack. Press the Composite Video icon at the top of the touchscreen. You will not have any control of the device fromt eh touchpanel.

Please remember to turn the system off when you are finished.

If you are having difficulties projecting, go to go/troubleshoot or call x2200 for help.

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