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== Files on a server are not visible <br> ==
*Problem: Files on a server are not visible when connected using a Mapped Network Drive, but were visible when using a Mac. Most likely, all the files are there, but the Windows Explorer cannot see them because of an illegal file name.
*Cause: Incompatible characters in the name of a file or multiple files. Windows Explorer may be unable to read files that have accented letters in their name, or have one or more of these characters: <pre>\ /&nbsp;: *&nbsp;? " &lt; &gt; |</pre>
#Access the folder in question from a Mac and remove any illegal characters from the filenames. One invalid file name could make an entire folder to appear blank.
#Try accessing the folder using NetStorage http://go.middlebury.edu/files - you might be able tot remove the invalid characters.<br>
*List of invalid/illegal characters in file names:
<pre>\ /&nbsp;: *&nbsp;? " &lt; &gt; |
Accented characters of certain encoding.
== Recovering Files From a DFS&nbsp;Server Using Windows Explorer on a PC<br> ==
== Changing Folder Permissions on DFS Servers<br> ==
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