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Files on a server are not visible

  • Problem: Files on a server are not visible when connected using a Mapped Network Drive, but were visible when using a Mac. Most likely, all the files are there, but the Windows Explorer cannot see them because of an illegal file name.
  • Cause: Incompatible characters in the name of a file or multiple files. Windows Explorer may be unable to read files that have accented letters in their name, or have one or more of these characters:
    \ / : * ? " < > |
  • Solutions:
  1. Access the folder in question from a Mac and remove any illegal characters from the filenames. One invalid file name could make an entire folder to appear blank.
  2. Try accessing the folder using NetStorage http://go.middlebury.edu/files - you might be able to remove the invalid characters.
  • List of invalid/illegal characters in file names:
\ / : * ? " < > |
Accented characters of certain encoding.

Recovering Files From a DFS Server Using Windows Explorer on a PC

  • TODO

Changing Folder Permissions on DFS Servers

Background: Server admin staff create needed server folder permissions groups (Outlook distribution lists) then set up the accompanying desired permissions. These distribution lists all start with the prefix DFS- and reflect the folder path to which permissions are being granted. Assume read/write access for list members unless you see something else appended to the group name (such as "read only"). (Note: To keep the list names a bit shorter, Middfiles and Orgs are omitted.)

Distribution list owners can maintain list membership, adding and removing users as appropriate. List members (users whose names appears as belonging to the list/group) will have the permissions set by our admin staff when the list was initially created (typically "read/write" unless the list name indicates otherwise).

As an example, members of the distribution list called DFS-ITS-Helpdesk would have read/write permissions to the server folder on Middfiles\Orgs\ITS\Helpdesk.

Here's how a distribution list owner grants server folder permissions using their list:

  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Click the Address Book button in the toolbar or choose Tools/Address Book from the menu bar.
  3. Start typing the complete list name in the search field.
  4. When you see your list, double-click to open it. Current list membership will be shown on the right.
  5. Click the "Modify Members" button.
  6. Use the "Add" and "Remove" buttons as needed to make desired changes. List members will have the permissions set by our admin staff when the list was initially created (typically "read/write" unless the list name indicates otherwise).
  7. Click OK, Apply then OK to save and apply the changes.
  8. Close the Address Book.
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