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Middlebury is part of the NITLE DSpace consortium.

Creating a collection

  1. Check the following:
    • new items should be publicly readable
    • some users will be able to submit to this collection
    • this collection will have delegated collection administrators
    • new submissions will have some metadata already filled out with defaults
  2. Give it a name and, if desired, a logo
  3. Add the Middlebury Admins group as authorized to submit and as collection administrators

Submitting and Editing Thesis Items

See this document

Workflow for Routing, Saving, and Converting Senior Work/Theses

  1. Student sends email to appropriate staff member/reviewer (Richard Jenkins, 2009-  ), attaching permission form and copy of senior work (preferably in PDF format)
  2. Reviewer:
    • Checks permission form for correct information (especially the options)
    • Saves form to appropriate folder
    • Converts any senior work in Word docs to PDF (go to document properties to change title, author, and add 'thesis' to keywords
    • Saves them to appropriate folder
    • Adds information to Excel spreadsheet
    • Sends acknowledgment to student
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