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Middlebury is part of the NITLE DSpace consortium.

Creating a collection

  1. Check the following:
    • new items should be publicly readable
    • some users will be able to submit to this collection
    • this collection will have delegated collection administrators
    • new submissions will have some metadata already filled out with defaults
  2. Give it a name and, if desired, a logo
  3. Add the Middlebury Admins group as authorized to submit and as collection administrators

Submitting and Editing Thesis Items

To begin

  1. Go to http://dspace.nitle.org
  2. In left column, click Sign on
  3. If you are a new user, click the New user button
  4. If already registered, fill in blanks with your Middlebury E-mail/network ID and password

Create a submission

  1. Before beginning the submission process, open up the thesis you plan to submit so you can copy and paste into appropriate metadata fields
  2. My submission screen
    1. Click Start a new submission
  3. Submit: Choose Collection
    1. Select appropriate collection from drop-down menu
    2. Click Next
  4. Submit: Describe This Item
    1. Check The item has more than one title, e.g. a translated title if thesis has an alternate title
    2. Check The item consists of more than one file if necessary
    3. Do not check Item has been published or distributed before for theses, since submission of a thesis is not considered “publishing”
  5. Submit: Describe This Item (p. 2)
    1. Complete the following:
      1. Author: Use the name as given on the t.p. If a conflict, check with student directory, etc., for a distinguishing middle initial, etc.
      2. Title: follow AACR2, capitalizing first word and proper nouns. If thesis title is in all caps, copy it first into a blank Word document; then from the Word toolbar, choose Format/Change case. If you choose ‘sentence case,’ all capitals will be erased except for first word
      3. Type: select Thesis
      4. Language: default is English (United States)
      5. Leave other fields blank
      6. Click Next
  6. Submit: Describe This Item (p. 3)
    1. Complete the following:
      1. Subject Keywords:
        1. Use LSCH when possible for both subjects and names
        2. Do not capitalize unless proper nouns
        3. Click Add more if necessary
      2. Abstract: if available, copy and paste from thesis.
      3. Sponsors: if available from thesis, copy and paste statements from t.p. such as “Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts Department of Chemistry, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont.” Otherwise, just given name of department and “Middlebury College.”
      4. Description:
        1. Default information is leaves. Includes bibliographical references. Thesis (B.A.)—Middlebury College, 200-. Alter as necessary, including adding ill., maps, etc. as appropriate.
      5. Click Next
  7. Submit: Upload a file
    1. At Document file box, click Browse and choose [middfiles on 'middlebury.edu']\ORGS\LIS\NITLE D-Space; then find the appropriate folder click on thesis you want to upload; click Open. The file now appears in the box
    2. Click Next
  8. Submit: File Uploaded Successfully
    1. Check the details before going to the next step
    2. Click Next
  9. Submit: Verify Submission
    1. If necessary, click Correct one of these buttons to edit or add information
    2. Click Next
  10. Submit: Use a Creative Commons License
    1. If author has chosen to retain copyright, omit this step (i.e., on submission form, author has checked this box: “I retain copyright © of my work, with the exemptions for Middlebury College as described above.”)
    2. If author has granted Creative Commons license, continue with this step
    3. Click Choose a Creative Commons license
    4. For both statements, click the ‘no’ boxes; then click Select a license
    5. At next window, click Proceed
    6. At next window, click I grant the license
    7. In less than a minute (usually), you should receive an email that your submission is approved and archived

Final Steps

  1. In order to add or edit remaining fields, you must return to your submission:
    1. Click Go to my submissions, then View accepted; click on title you want to edit, and click the Edit button.
    2. Make changes to these default fields:
      1. dc.contributor.advisor: if given. Otherwise, delete the default information. Check Midcat for authorized form of faculty name.
      2. dc.description.tableofcontents: if format is not too complicated, copy & paste, using AACR2-format dashes between chapters. Do not worry about changing capitalization or other punctuation to conform to AACR2. It may be helpful to first copy into Word and edit there before copying into Dspace. If no TOC is used, delete the default information.
      3. dc.subject.other:Make whatever changes are necessary to default information: Theses—[dept]—Middlebury College—200-
    3. Click Update button at bottom of page
    4. To see your changes via public view, click the Item Page link at top of Edit screen

Submitting another item

  1. Under My Dspace Account, click Edit Submissions
  2. Click Start a new submission button

Workflow for Routing, Saving, and Converting Senior Work/Theses

  1. Student sends email to appropriate staff member/reviewer (Richard Jenkins, 2009-  ), attaching permission form and copy of senior work (preferably in PDF format)
  2. Reviewer:
    • Checks permission form for correct information (especially the options)
    • Saves form to appropriate folder
    • Converts any senior work in Word docs to PDF (go to document properties to change title, author, and add 'thesis' to keywords
    • Saves them to appropriate folder
    • Adds information to Excel spreadsheet
    • Sends acknowledgment to student
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