Data Import (Web Help Desk)

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These all function basically the same way. The one we use most frequently is Assets, but all of the basic principles and practices are the same regardless of what you're importing.

Import assets

  • If syncing Assets on Import (as opposed to adding NEW assets, best practice is to sync based on Serial Number. (If adding new,t his doesn't matter as nothing will be synced.)
  • Client Key: Because Username is the long useless number assigned to a client by WHD, it is best to use email in this field.
  • Add new entries: Usually leave this unchecked. If it is checked, any field that is not currently in WHD will be added, which can create some...interesting...results, especially in fields with drop down options. Best to NOT add new entries and make sure that all of your data matches existing custom fields/models/locations, etc.
  • Abort on first error: If checked, the import wills top at the first sign of trouble. Probably a good thing.
  • File type: Usually use Excel, but any work.
  • File encoding: ASCII
  • NOTE: Best practice is to download the template each time you do an import, just in case custom fields have changed. Always best to be sure to have the most recent template.
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