Deactivate a printer

1. Go to url: https://papercut.middlebury.edu/admin and sign in using your Middlebury credentials

2. Go to the ‘Printer’ tab and use the Quick Find to enter printer you are interested in. Remember, we only care about Papercut printers. Please deactivate both the regular printer (library, as opposed to lib), G (Guest) version, and virtual versions of the printer. See the list attached tot he supervisor computer at circ.

3. Select the printer of interest by using the hot link – you are then presented with the Summary page for that printer.

4. At the Enable/Disable field select ‘Disable indefinitely’ to disable the printer. Go to bottom of form and ‘Apply’ change and press OK.

5. Should you need to enable a printer, follow the same steps except “enable” instead of “disable” in step 4.

6. Email the Helpdesk indicating what actions were taken.

If a printer issue arises when the Helpdesk is closed and you cannot do anything to fix the issue, please follow these same steps to deactivate the printer and email the Helpdesk that you have done so.

NOTE FOR VIRTUAL QUEUES: When disabling a printer with (virtual) at the end of its name, look in the “Job Redirection Settings” section, and you’ll find the physical queue checked. That physical queue is the one that should be disabled. You can disable both but so long as the physical queue is disabled, jobs should not be able to go through.

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