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The College imposes certain limits on mailbox size and file storage on the College's file servers. If you need more space, please submit a ticket with the reason for your request so we can accommodate you.

E-Mail, "Home", Classes Quotas

E-Mail Mailbox Quota
2 GB
2 GB
Middfiles HOME Quota
16 GB 16 GB
Classes Quota
256 GB (per class)
256 GB (per class)

E-Mail Attachment Size

Even though our Middlebury College e-mail system allows you to send 100 MB attachment(s), many other e-mail systems (e.g. Gmail) don't allow such large attachment(s). So, jsmith@middlebury.edu can send a 50 MB pdf file to joe@gmail.com, but gmail will refuse to accept the message. The problem is on gmail's end. Keep this in mind!

  • You Middlebury College E-mail Account can receive attachments as large as 100 MB.
  • Your Middlebury College E-mail Account can send attachments as large as 100 MB but keep in mind that your recipient(s) email account may be unable to receive large attachments.
  • Middlebury College users can send a single message to (at most) 15,000 other Middlebury College users.
  • Middlebury College users can SEND 100 mb attachments to e-mail accounts outside our e-mail system. It's not guaranteed that the recipient will receive such a large attachment, since many other e-mail systems will not accept an attachment that large.
  • Middlebury College users can send (up to 1000) messages per smtp session.
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