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==Features of the Dell Student Image==
'''The Helpdesk does not image student computers; this page exists as a historical archive only.'''
The Dell student image only works with the models support by our regular faculty/staff configuration: [[Computer_Models_Supported_by_the_Universal_Desktop_Image_(UDI)]]. As a bonus it gets the same software that faculty/staff computers get: [[UDI_Image_contents]]
== Reimaging with the Dell Student Image  ==
'''Note: For SR only. Do NOT try to reimage any computers, student or faculty, in the walk-in regardless of these instructions unless told to do so by an SRP.'''
==== Reimaging  ====
#Boot in to BART, select the FAC/STAFF Laptop UDI and Image.
#Reboot when prompted.
#Follow the on-screen instructions (hint: there is a checkbox labeled "student" -- place a checkmark there and click the submit button).
==== Post Install Configuration  ====
     To do before customer leaves walk-in:
#Have the user login as the account under their name (password is blank). They will be required to create a new password before they logon. Leave the Old password section blank, have the user enter whatever they wish where it says New Password.
#Test to make sure user is able to login to his/her account, make sure computer is registered and can connect to the network.
#Run Windows Updates.
#Setup midd_secure (not done in the image process described above)
'''Note:''' Though their username will be identical to their Middlebury username, the computer is not bound to the domain and therefore the user's account on this computer is not linked with their domain account. They can choose whatever password they would like without affecting their Middlebury password.
[[Category:Computer Distribution]]
[[Category:Computer Distribution]]
[[Category:Imaging and Reimaging]]
[[Category:Imaging and Reimaging]]

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The Helpdesk does not image student computers; this page exists as a historical archive only.

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