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Features of the Dell Student Image


Reimaging with the Dell Student Image

Note: For SR only. Do NOT try to reimage any computers, student or faculty, in the walkin regardless of these instructions unless told to do so by an SRP.

  1. Boot in to BART, select the FAC/STAFF Laptop UDI and Image
  2. Reboot when prompted
  3. Cancel out of the UDI Inventory program without entering anything, and allow machine to reboot
  4. Reboot when the desktop comes back up, do so repeatedly until it stops autologging in as the administrator
  5. At Desktop, Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management, then click the Local Users and Groups section. Select Users
  6. Right click on administrator and click Set Password... Set it to blank (ie no characters, not the word blank). Click ok through the warning message
  7. Right click on Administrator and click properties. Uncheck password never expires, check User must change password at next logon
  8. Right click on Profile, and delete it.
  9. Navigate to C:\, delete the lisinstall(??) folder
  10. Restart the computer
  11. When the user comes to pickup the computer, make sure they try to login and that they change the password when they do so, also make sure it can connect to the internet (ie is registered).

Known Issues

  • midd_secure is not preconfigured
  • foreign language support is not installed (two checkboxes under Control Panel => Regional Settings)
    • consider removing handwriting support and speech support (makes the language bar cluttered)
  • Firefox is not installed
    • remember to add middlebury.edu to allowed pop up list
  • No FTP client to give access to classes, snowleopard (e.g. WSFTP)
  • IE -- need to add middlebury.edu to allowed pop up list

Minor Issues

  • No Real Player
  • Consider adding built-in VPN shortcut
  • Clear recent list of open files in Word
  • Outlook autoconfig test?

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