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NOTE: This page contains information that is only useful to Helpdesk / LIS faculty and staff. Therefore I'm considering moving this information to our Internal wiki. If you feel that this information is important to the general public and/or do NOT think that this move is appropriate, please comment on the discussion page.

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Features of the Dell Student Image


Reimaging with the Dell Student Image


Known Issues

  • midd_secure is not preconfigured
  • foreign language support is not installed (two checkboxes under Control Panel => Regional Settings)
    • consider removing handwriting support and speech support (makes the language bar cluttered)
  • Firefox is not installed
    • remember to add middlebury.edu to allowed pop up list
  • No FTP client to give access to classes, snowleopard (e.g. WSFTP)
  • IE -- need to add middlebury.edu to allowed pop up list

Minor Issues

  • No Real Player
  • Consider adding built-in VPN shortcut
  • Clear recent list of open files in Word
  • Outlook autoconfig test?

Other Misc Topics re: the Dell Student Image

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