Departmental Printing and Copying

Departmental Printing, Copying & Scanning

To map your computer to another printer, see:
Connect to Network Printers – Windows
Connect to Network Printers – Macs

Departmental Printing

Faculty and staff may print at any printer on campus. Student worker printing is restricted.

Generic Accounts

  • Generic accounts are for various department uses such as information sharing, sharing an e-mail account, student workers printing without using their personal print quotas…
  • At the end of every term, departments coordinators should change their generic account’s password. To do so, the coordinator will need to logon using the generic account information and then press Control + Alt + Delete to access the option to change the password to one they can recall easily when required.
  • Generic account users should employ the printers and resources within the department.
  • The only public printers available to generic accounts are the printer plotters.
  • Bicentennial Hall’s generic accounts users should consult Cathy Ekstrom about usage of and costs for BIH 631C (color printer) and Posters (BIH 209 plotter).
  • If you are unsure of your department’s generic account, ask your department coordinator. The coordinator may contact the Helpdesk if unsure.
  • A generic account may be requested by your coordinator contacting the Technology Helpdesk.
  • There is a limit of one generic account per department.
  • Generic account names remain the same no matter the user or employer within the department.
  • There will be no person-specific accounts created. Example: A ChrisSmithResearch account will not be created.
  • There are no charges affiliated with generic account printing, currently. No department, grant, or any other resource-specific is charged for generic account printing.
  • Departments may arrange for students in a specific class to print posters and be charged to the department’s account to fulfill a class requirement (see Poster Printing on a Public Plotter).
  • All departments that require student workers to print as part of their duties should have a generic account and must provide it to student workers to cover their work’s printing.
  • Departments are responsible for monitoring the use of their printers to insure the generic accounts are being used properly.

Student Workers

  • All departments must require student workers use their generic account from the start of employment.
  • Students using a department’s generic account will protect their quotas from being charged.
  • Upon employment, students workers should learn whether printing will be required and, if so, what the generic account is. The department coordinator or professor may tell a student worker whether a generic account exists.
  • Student workers using a department’s generic account should print to that department’s printers.
  • Within a department, multiple student workers need to share the generic account.
  • Whereas students using personal accounts must print to a public printer, generic accounts are restricted to departmental printers. They may not be used to print to a public printer except to plotters.
  • A student worker may decide to use her personal account for work-related printing. In doing so, their quota will be charged for such purposes. This would be a personal decision.
  • Student workers who use their personal quota for work-affiliated printing, only to contact the helpdesk for restoration will no longer receive refunds.
  • Departments are responsible for monitoring all generic account usage.
  • Departments are responsible for monitoring all usage of their printers.


Plotter/Poster Printing

Poster Printing on a Public Plotter

It costs $1.50 per linear foot to print on a color plotter.

When posters are required for a class, the department may cover those costs for their students. At the end of the add/drop period, or a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the poster printing, faculty requesting the increase should send the following information to print@middlebury.edu:

  • Student names
  • ID numbers
  • Dollar amount to be added to each student’s account (a standard presentation poster, 41” X 64.5”, is $8.50)
  • Banner index to be charged.
  • Each listed student’s quota will see their quota increased by the requested amount within a week.

Students should consult their professor if a student feels the amount will not cover her printing needs.

If a professor determines the original amount inadequate, they should submit a request to print@middlebury.edu to add a specific, additional amount to the student(s) account(s) along with the Banner index to charge.

Public Plotter Location

The publicly accessible wide-format printers, referred to as plotters, are located in the Armstrong Library (MBIH 209) and in the Wilson Multimedia Development Lab (DFL 220).

Note: The Armstrong Library must be open in order to retrieve a print job from the plotter. See go/hours to check. The Wilson Multimedia Development Lab is accessible when the Davis Family Library is open, with the exception of when classes are scheduled in the room.

Printing to a Public Plotter

You may print to the plotters by selecting the printer queue 'Posters' from the computers in any of the following locations:

MBIH 161 (Armstrong Library) - PC
MBIH 116/117 - PC
DFL 220 (Wilson Multimedia Development Lab) - Mac
AXN 105 - Mac
JHN 206 - Mac

This Papercut queue will allow you to release your print job in either of the plotter locations.

Posters take, on average, 15 minutes to print. Plan accordingly.

When the printing is finished, the plotter will cut the paper. A poster must never be torn from the plotter! Tearing a poster can result in expensive damage to the plotter.

You cannot web-print to the plotter.

If you have any problem with the plotter (e.g., runs out of ink or paper, paper jam) do not attempt to fix the issue yourself! Ask a lab staff member or a help desk staff member to help you. For the plotter in MBIH 209, notify the Circulation Desk in the Armstrong Library. For the plotter in DFL 220, notify a Digital Media Tutor in the lab, a Student Consultant in the Walk-in Helpdesk, or the Circulation Desk in the Davis Family Library.

Basic Printing Instructions

  1. Make sure you are logged in on your personal account, the departmental account, or the account related to the organization sponsoring the poster session.
  2. Open your project in the program you are using.
  3. Select the print option.
  4. In the drop-down menu labeled "Printer," select " Posters"
  5. In the Paper Size field select "Custom". This will pick up the paper size from the document being printed.
  6. If the print dialog box offers the option of Color Management, select "Let Postscript printer determine colors". This option prevents color shift in photos and gradient images.
  7. Release the print job.

Here are detailed instructions for using Adobe Illustrator to create posters.

Reimbursements for poster printing on a plotter:

  • Class printing:  Students who are printing a poster for a class may have had their quota increased to cover that printing. The professor should be contacted with any questions.
  • Spring Symposium printing:  Students who are printing a poster for the Spring Symposium should use a special account designated for that purpose. If a student’s printing has been covered, he will receive a username and password from the URO specifically for this purpose. Contact the URO (uro@middlebury.edu) with any questions.


Student Worker Copying

  • College students may use a public copier if they want the copies to be applied against their quota account.
  • Copying required for a student’s job should be completed on a department copier.

Public Copiers

  • College students, faculty, and staff may use the college’s public copiers.
  • Public Copiers are in:
Davis Family Library 142
Davis Family Library 242
Davis Family Library 303
Armstrong Library 155
  • Users are required to enter their college ID number (without the leading zeros) or a college username and password to access the system.
  • The public copiers use the PaperCut system to track usage and to apply student usage to their quotas.
  • Full instructions on how to use these photocopiers are posted at each machine.
  • Remember to press the Logout or Authentication Logout button when you are done so the next users’ copies aren’t charged against your department.

Faculty and Staff Scanning

  • Any college student, faculty, or staff may use a public copier for scanning to e-mail.
  • Public scanners are in
Davis Family Library 142
Davis Family Library 242
Davis Family Library 303
Armstrong Library 155
  • Users are required to enter their college ID number (without the leading zeros) or a college username and password to access the system on these machines.
  • Full instructions on how to scan and send to e-mail are posted at each machine.
  • Remember to press the Logout or Authentication Logout button when you are done so the next users’ copies aren’t charged against your department.

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