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Dell diagnostics partition / CD

  • Press F12 at boot-up to access the optional boot menu
  • Scroll down to Diagnostics
  • Hit enter and continue as per the prompts and your needs

Not all Dell computers come with the diagnostics partition and occasionally you might come across one with the wrong diagnostics software on it. Do not despair, instead do the following:

  • There is a rack in Walkin-In next to all the paper work-order tickets
  • Look for a midd bcd disc (Midd BCD 3/4 are fine)
    • If you cannot find one, navigate to here
    • Download the ISO and burn it to disc
  • Start the Dell computer and press F12
  • This time choose CD/DVD drive from the boot menu
  • Follow prompts to desired diagnostics utility

Mac diagnostics

If you need to run diags on a Mac, you should go to SR and ask Amy, Nate, or Petar for Protégé (a memory stick of sorts with the Mac diag program on it). Once you have Protégé, plug it into the Mac and then press Option. The program will then come up and you choose which set of tests you'd like to run.

Other PCs

Most manufacturers have a diagnostics partition, CD or software. Please go to the manufacturer's site to find out what to do.

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