Digital Media Development

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Need help with your media project?

 - stop by the Wilson Lab in the Main Library (1pm-1am)
 - email support at DigitalMediaTutors@middlebury.edu

The Digital Media program provides support for faculty, student and staff media development, which can include, but is not limited to:

 + Images and document creation – posters, diagrams
 + Audio – podcasting, voiceovers
 + Video – digital stories

The Digital Media Tutors provide walk-in support for the Wilson Media Lab, located in the Main Library. These computers provide Middlebury College with the tools to meet digital media development needs. For more information regarding the Digital Media Program, contact Joe Antonioli at ext. 3062 or email jantonio@middlebury.edu.

Wilson Media Lab - Hours and Location

File:Test LayoutThe Wilson Media Lab (LIB 220) is open to the public while the Main Library is open. These computers provide Middlebury College with tools to meet digital media development needs.

Current Happenings & Workshops

Digital Media Workshops

Ask a Question

If you have a specific question that relates to digital media, feel free to email DigitalMediaTutors@middlebury.edu and someone from the Digital Media Program will get back to you with an answer.

Copyright Information

Copyright Library Video and Public Performance Performance Release

Digital Media Resources

  • Local Collections
  • Editing Tools and Sound Effects
  • Image Resources
  • Digital Media Server (Muskrat)

Project Support Request Form Contact

       Content Provider Digital Media Staff