Distributing Macintosh Faculty and Staff Loaners

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NOTE: This page contains information that is only useful to Helpdesk / LIS faculty and staff. Therefore I'm considering moving this information to our Internal wiki. If you feel that this information is important to the general public and/or do NOT think that this move is appropriate, please comment on the discussion page.

--Hunt, Christopher 14:56, 17 November 2009 (UTC)

Note: Students may need the assistance of a full time Helpdesk staff person to be able to connect to the snowleopard server.

  1. Connect the Mac loaner to a network jack in subnet 19 (LIB122). Connect a power cord.
  2. Turn on the loaner and immediately press and hold the "N" key. Keep holding the "N" key until you see the globe.
  3. The Mac will start from the network boot disk and will walk you through the reimaging process.
  4. When the reimaging process is complete, the Mac will reboot itself.
  5. The newly imaged Mac will login automatically and guide you through the last configuration steps.
  6. When prompted, name the computer "loaner", followed by a hyphen "-", followed by the MIDD number (if there is no MIDD number, obtain one from your supervisor). E.g.:
  7. At the end the "Update User Template" screen will appear and will prompt you to install any needed software. In general, there is only one package that you need to install on the loaner computers:
  8. Connect to smb://middfiles.middlebury.edu/middfiles/ORGS/ITS/Planning-Evaluation/Circ/Mac/Loaners and run the "Loaner Reset and Delete Installer.mpkg" package and follow its instructions.
  9. This will install the "Loaner Reset and Delete" application in Macintosh HD => Applications => Utilities => MIDD. Run this application.
    1. Enter the username and password for the loaner account when prompted.
    2. At the end, restart the computer AND login using the loaner username and password. If this is successful, you may shutdown the computer. If you run into issues, seek advice from a senior staff person.
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