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NOTE: This page contains information that is only useful to Helpdesk / LIS faculty and staff. Therefore I'm considering moving this information to our Internal wiki. If you feel that this information is important to the general public and/or do NOT think that this move is appropriate, please comment on the discussion page.

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  1. Note that before a thin client is deployed, Servers and Networks needs to reconfigure the jack (the switch port) that the thin client will use. Otherwise the thin client won't work!
  2. Place a MIDD sticker on the machine.


  1. At the very least the inventory system needs to have a record of the serial number, midd number, and location of thin client.
  2. Inventory the thin client manually ("Add New Record" using the Inventory app in LIB135 or LIB122 or use the manual inventory option on the USB stick). Don't try to use the regular inventory tool on the USB stick, as this inventories the virtual machine that gets destroyed very soon.
  3. Bootup the machine using the special jack in LIB133 (or take it to where it needs to be deployed and boot it up there, if Servers and Networks has reconfigured the jack already). The thin client will automatically download any updates and it will image itself.
  4. At this point the thin client is ready for use.
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