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Imaging Windows PC Computers using BartPE CD

1. Power up the computer, (if Desktop, use a USB keyboard) and press F12 when F2 or F12 appears.
2. Place an appropriate BartPE CD, which is compatible with computer Model, into the CD drive tray.
3. Select the CD-ROM drive to BOOT to BARTPE CD, which will auto-map to \\Hawk\ghost
4. Click OK, at the PE Network Configurator screen.
5. Click OK, at the About Symantec Ghost screen.
6. Select Local, then Disk, then From Image at the Symantec Ghost… screen.
7. Select ‘Network Drive’ from Look in: pull-down menu on ‘Image file name to restore from’ screen.
8. Select the correct folder (i.e., __Desktops or __Laptops… etc) which contains the image for the computer Model.
9. Select the correct image for the computer Model you are imaging. (Use arrow-down to read Image file description)
10. Click OK, at the Select local destination drive… screen.
11. Click OK, at the Destination drive Detail screen.
12. Click Yes, at the Question: (1822) – “Proceed with disk restore?” screen.
13. Click Reset Computer, at the Clone Complete (1912) screen. (The computer should reboot)

Config process for PC Laptop & Desktop computers (5/23/06)    Initials:_________

Configure the computer – (already imaged!)
1. __Login as LIS/lis - (p/w: ___)
2. __Click NO to restarting computer!
3. 0 Id.txt file (on screen) - Fill-in the Midd:, ServTag:, MAC Addr:.
4. 0 SAVE and Close the Id.txt file.
5. 0 Launch Config.cmd - [shortcut on desktop]
6. 0 Type the users username –> OK - [names the computer]
7. 0 Type LT for LAPTOPS only –> OK
8. 0 Press any key to continue… - (Reboots)
9. 0 Login as LIS (again) – Press any key to continue…- (Reboots) - [will joined the DOMAIN]
10. 0 Login as LIS (again) -- Enter in the users username –> OK - [adds user to Administrators Group]
11. 0 Cancel the Novell login screen.

Install Printers, & Software that has been pre-approved for install by LT - (while Logged in as LIS)
1. 0 Launch “Add Bombay printers” (shortcut) => (use Authorized Acct – midd\pcconfig)
2. 0 Launch “Add Software HAWK Drop” (shortcut) => (use Authorized Acct – midd\pcconfig)
3. 0 Delete 3 shortcuts: “Config.cmd”, “Add Bombay printers” & “Add Software-HAWK Drop” from the desktop.
4. 0 Log-off from LIS after printers and software have been installed.
COPY LIS profile to Default User profile:
1. 0 Login as administrator using Workstation only
2. 0 Launch System Properties (shortcut on desktop)
3. 0 On Advanced tab, under User Profiles click on Settings button, then click on the lis profile.
4. 0 Copy To button, then Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\Default User (highlighted) => OK
5. 0 In Permitted to use, click Change button, click Location button, change location to the local computer.
6. 0 Type everyone in the box, click Check Names button, and Everyone will be acknowledged with an underline. – OK - OK – YES - OK - OK
7. 0 Flash the latest BIOS (shortcut on desktop), - (reboots) (or) Log-off as administrator
8. 0 Login to the MIDD domain using a Domain User acct to test Network log-on connection.
9. 0 Shutdown (done) – Write the users info on laptop bag/tag, (or) on blue tape attached to desktops.
10. 0 Laptops: Put an 8’ network cable, USB mouse and the info folder into the laptop bag.

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