Dragon Setup

The following instructions serve as an introduction and a step by step guide to set up a Dragon Stop Motion session in the Film and Media Culture Labs.

  • Turn on the power to the computer if it is not already on.
  • Turn on the power to the Digital SLR Camera.
  • Verify that the camera is on manual mode, and that the lens is set for manual focus.
  • Turn ON the copy stand lights and turn OFF the room lights.
  • Log in using your middlebury username and password.
  • Launch Dragon Stop Motion.
Launch Dragon
  • Choose "New Scene".
New Scene
  • Input a name in the "Production" field to associate to your assignment. By default you are limited to 5 characters. This can be changed in the preferences menu. Choose OK.
Name the Production
  • Select Capture->Capture Preferences.
Capture Preferences
  • Choose "Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi" for both the "Video Source" and "Camera Source".
Choose the XSi
  • In the Animation Window choose "16:9" for the "Aspect Ratio Mask".
Aspect Ratio Mask
  • In the Animation Window choose "24fps" as your frame rate.
Frame Rate
  • Open the Cinematography Window by selecting Window->Show Cinematography.
Cinematography Window
  • On the right in the "Camera Control Section" Select the following settings as a starting point and adjust accordingly for proper exposure.
Camera Control
  • Adjust the focus manually on the camera using the "Live View" mode within the Cinematography Window. Switch back to "Normal Color" mode when sharp focus has been achieved.
Live View
  • Shoot a few test frames by clicking on the "Test Shot" button within the Camera Control Section. When you are satisfied with your exposure click on the lock in the lower right corner to lock your exposure.
Camera Control
  • Switch back to the Animation Window.
Camera Control
  • Use the "Enter" key on the supplied USB keypad to capture a frame. Repeat until you have made something wonderful.
Camera Control

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