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Many of our sites are already running on Drupal 7 and we are in the process of upgrading those on Drupal 6. This article describes the differences that editors will see between the two systems. Here is a list of the sites already on Drupal 7:

Differences affecting all sites

Edit Console

The older version of the Edit Console has been discontinued and replaced with what was previously called the "new Edit Console", featuring four colored boxes at the top of each page.

Video button

The editing interface now has a button for creating video shortcodes. This will create the video shortcode that you would need to do by hand in Drupal 6.

Click this button to open the Insert Video dialog: Video button.png

Enter the URL of the video and other settings, then click the Insert button: Insert video.png

Differences affecting www.middlebury.edu

News Postings

In collaboration with College Communications we are working on a new layout for news stories, with a large feature photo at the top of the post and the media contact information at the bottom. This is still a work in progress and will likely have design changes before it's made live.

"Download Contact Information" on Profiles

We have removed the vCard download link from profiles, which many found confusing and unnecessary.

"Return to" link at top of pages

In Drupal 6 the "Return to" link at the top of each page said either "Departments & Programs" or "Offices & Services" depending on which theme was applied to the page. We have changed this so that it will instead say "Return to" followed by the name of the top-level page corresponding to the current area of the site. For example, sites under /academics will now say "Return to Academics" and sites under /studentlife will say "Return to Student Life".

Top-level pages will say "Return to the Middlebury Homepage".

Combination of the "midd_department" and "midd_office" themes

Offices and academic departments now use the same page theme files. These were originally supposed to be different designs, but over the years they converged to the point where the only difference was the "Return to" link, which is now based on the area of the site, rather than the page theme.

Removal of the "midd_section" theme

Top-level pages with the waveform, such as Student Life and Academics, used a special theme called "midd_section" that added the waveform. This functionality now works independent of the page theme. The practical impact for editors is that you will no longer have to contact us when creating new sub-pages of these top-level pages to have the theme switched.

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