Drupal Color Schemes

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One of the ways that you can personalize your site is to set it's color scheme. There are six different color schemes available, with names that are meant to describe their color palette.

White Whale Web Services: Middlebury College Color Study

We began our work on a Middlebury color palette by choosing colors from a variety of Middlebury's print publications. Because Web color is variable and context-dependent, we chose the colors by reviewing the print pieces in person and eyeballing Web equivalents for their primary palette colors (instead of using Pantone colors, for example). And we combined those with some of the values we've used in the inside page section mockups that you've already seen. Here are the results:


Then we grouped those colors into intuitive groups (with a few colors being used more than once):


Then we assigned a theme to each of these color groupings, based on a Vermont connection. From the top (left to right, top to bottom) the themes are Leaf, Apple, Sun, Lake, Grape, and Basic. (We plan to create at least one more theme— Maple— and welcome the creation of more themes by Middlebury staff.)

Within these themes, we assigned CSS colors to specific content elements. Each has a specification forh1, h4, h5, blockquote, the opening paragraph, the sidebar box pointers, and three bar colors (that alternate randomly) for each theme.