Drupal Event

The Drupal Event content type can be used to list information about upcoming events. It is formatted to look similar to a list of News stories when presented in a list. This feature was originally only available on the Sustainability section of the site, but can now be used anywhere on the main Middlebury instance of Drupal.


  1. Make sure you are logged on.
  2. Navigate to the page where you would like the event to appear.
  3. Located the "Edit Console" at the top of the page. Click Add in the blue Content section.
  4. Click the Event link.
    1. If the Event link does not appear, please open a Helpdesk ticket and let us know the URL of the page.
  5. Provide content for each of these fields:
    • Title: this is the title or name of the event.
    • Image: optionally, associate an image with this event.
    • Short Description: a description of the event which will appear in lists of events.
    • Date & Time: when the event will occur.
      • Check All Day if the event does not occur at a specific time during the day.
      • Check Show End Date to include an end date or (more often) time for the event.
      • An event can have multiple date and times. Click Add another item to include more dates.
    • Location: add at least a Location Name, which will appear as the location when the event is show in a list. You can optionally add an address, contact information, and geolocate the event location.
    • Body: the description of the event which will appear when the event is viewed singularly.
  6. Click Save.

Events will appear in "list" form on a page. Clicking on the title will bring you to the singular view.

Events Shown as a List

Drupal Event List.png

A Single Event

Drupal Event Singular.png

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