EBL Books: Procedures for cataloging purchased items

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  1. Keep the record provided by EBL.
  2. Do not overlay EBL record to ensure that the EBL number remains in field 001 and Midd's EZproxy URL in 856.
  3. Verify that this record has an OCLC number in field035 (if no 035, search and add OCLC number for OCLC's EBL record in 035)
  4. Update OCLC holdings. (Do manually as 001 has EBL number)
  5. Edit call number as appropriate, adding $b and eb to date
  6. Add appropriate subject headings (usually from print edition record on OCLC)
  7. Add any other information that might be appropriate, such as a more complete contents note
  8. Add cat date
  9. Create item record:
    • location=meb
    • itype=51 E-book
    • status = available

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