EBL Making ebooks invisible

Revision as of 16:22, 9 November 2012 by Michele McHugh (talk | contribs)
      EBL Making eBooks Invisible
       Create a new List
       Search title
       Uncheck “Visible”
       Save changes
           Find Bib record for EBL ebook
           Fixed field “bib code 3” (upper right)
               “D” (Delete and suppress)
       When do we push faculty when an ebook is available?
           Pending further discussion with Terry: at some point we will take away the e-book option on the go/requests form and choose ourselves
       Only when the ebook is already in midcat: double-check to confirm
       when they’ve chosen “no ebook” and there is no EBL ebook in midcat, we buy print
       if coordinator/proxy fills out the form, double check with coordinator/faculty (if ebook is available)
       Rebekah revisit copy-and-paste form
       Rebekah apprises Terry
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