EBL Making ebooks invisible

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EBL Making eBooks Invisible

In EBL LibCentral

  1. Search title
  2. “Select”
  3. Click modify next to Visibility. Change from ON to OFF
  4. Click Add to list
   5 Save changes


  1. Find Bib record for EBL ebook
  2. Fixed field “bib code 3” (upper right)
  3. “D” (Delete and suppress)
  4. Save

Record will be invisible to people using our catalog and will no longer be available to people using EBL. When Michael does his monthly report these records marked with D will be fully removed from our system.

This is a list EBL works with on our behalf. Even though they have named it SUPPRESSED and DO NOT DELETE we do want our books made invisible (and to be deleted in Millennium) in this list.

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