EBL Making ebooks invisible

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   EBL Making eBooks Invisible
  1. * Create a new List
  2. * Search title
  3. * “Select”
  4. * Uncheck “Visible”
  5. * Save changes
  6. * Millennium
  • Find Bib record for EBL ebook
  • Fixed field “bib code 3” (upper right)
  • “D” (Delete and suppress)
  • Save
       When do we push faculty when an ebook is available?
           Pending further discussion with Terry: at some point we will take away the e-book option on the go/requests form and choose ourselves
       Only when the ebook is already in midcat: double-check to confirm
       when they’ve chosen “no ebook” and there is no EBL ebook in midcat, we buy print
       if coordinator/proxy fills out the form, double check with coordinator/faculty (if ebook is available)
       Rebekah revisit copy-and-paste form
       Rebekah apprises Terry
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