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12/21/11 These instructions may change soon but for now this works

If a libacqreq orders comes for an ebook:

  • Search on GOBI and if you find an ebook title available that says:

+ EBL nonlinear lending Library Availability : YES

  • copy the isbn and use that in your EBL (Ebook portal) search (title searches do not work so well on EBL)

(At this point we are not ordering ebooks directly from GOBI but this may soon change)

When the correct record appears:

  • select a list (Just in Time)
  • click box for VISIBLE (right end of record)
  • Save Changes (bottom right)
  • Above record, on right side: EXPORT box
  • Pull down to MARC RECORDS (MARC8)
  • GO
  • A box will appear and say CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • Do this and then email Michael Warner the downloaded record
  • Ask him to please add marc record for attached short term loan

(He has a different procedure for purchased ebooks so make sure he knows this is just making a title visible on midcat for short term loan use).

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