EBL ebook or print?

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EBOOK request

  • For reserve but ebook not available on EBL: check Overdrive.

--- If neither, buy print, no communication necessary

  • For reserve and limited use-ability on EBL (3U)**

Check Overdrive; if not then ---Buy print and communicate why with faculty

  • For reserve and unlimited use-ability on EBL (UA or NL)***

—if costs less than $150.00 purchase

---If costs more than $150.00 and print is less—communicate with fac

---If costs more than $150.00 and print price is close—purchase ebook

  • Faculty or student hold request

--make visible through ebl and notify requestor—do not purchase

  • Non hold request—just add to the collection

--make visible through ebl—no need to purchase or notify

    • 3U: 3-user access model allow for three concurrent users only

      • UA - Unlimited Access model provides unlimited access. Any number of patrons can access UA titles concurrently for any number of days per year.
      • NL--Non-Linear Lending titles are not restricted to linear distribution - one patron at a time - but rather they can be lent to any number of patrons concurrently, up to the total number of annual loan days set for the title - usually 325. For example, if four patrons each trigger a ten day loan for the same title, 40 days are deducted from the title’s 325 loan days. The combined number of loan days used cannot exceed the annual loan days in a year. Loan days renew on the anniversary of purchase.

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