Editing a distribution list with Microsoft Outlook

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Email migration to the cloud no longer allows editing of distribution lists that belong to the Global Address List. You may, however, use these instructions to edit your personal distribution lists with the Windows Outlook client. See these instructions for editing distribution lists in the Global Address List that you own.

1. Launch Outlook.
2. Click the Address Book button in the toolbar or choose Tools/Address Book from the menu bar.
3. Start typing the complete list name in the search field.
4. When you see your list, double-click to open it. Current list membership will be shown on the right. Click the Modify Members button.
5. Use the Add and Remove buttons as needed to make desired changes. List members will have the permissions set by our admin staff when the list was initially created (typically "read/write" unless the list name indicates otherwise).
6. Click OK, Apply then OK to save and apply the changes.
7. Close the Address Book.