Editing in Drupal

This page contains materials to help you edit content in Drupal. Information can be found on adding content, editing existing content, creating new pages, setting permissions, etc.

Creating New Pages

Every department has a main page, but each subsequent page must be created. Where a page should appear within your architecture determines where it needs to be created. 2nd tier pages should be created from your main page, and 3rd tier pages should be created from the 2nd tier page they supplement. If done properly, your new page will appear in the proper section of your navigation bar.

Adding a Page

  1. Navigate to the parent of the page you are creating.
  2. Find the "Edit Console" in the top left of your window. Click the "Settings" tab.
  3. A new list of options appears. Click the "Add sub-page" tab.
  4. Enter a name for you page in the "Page name" field. The title should be descriptive because:
    • The page name is what appears at the top of your window.
    • The page name appears in the navigation bar.
    • The page name is used in compiling search results.
  5. Enter a URL in the "URL" field.
    • The URL determines the web address for the page.
  6. Scroll down and click the "Create sub-page" button.
    • The screen now shows your blank page and asks you to add content

Page Settings

What can you control?

Page Name and URL

If at any time you wish to improve upon your choices for the page name and URL, you are able to do so.


Who can edit?

For more info on permissions, please see the separate page on Monster Menus Permissions.


What does it look like?


General appearance

Menu Appearance

Does it show up in the nav bar?

Menu Order

Control nav bar order

Adding Content to Existing Pages

How to add/edit content, control settings, etc.

There are four content types you can add to your page: Basic Content, File upload, RSS feed, and Story. To add content, first click the "Add" tab on the edit console, then select the content type you wish to add.

Basic Content

Description of Basic Content and where things appear.


How to actually make it.


How to make links.


How to add images and edit settings.

File upload

What file uploads appear as.


How to do it.

RSS feed

How RSS feeds appear on a page.


How to make it.


What control do you have over appearance?


Description of Story and where things appear.


How to actually make it.


How to make links.


How to add images and edit settings.

Editing Content on Existing Pages

Click edit below each content type

Edit Content

What can you control?


Who can edit the content, etc.


When published?


What order does content appear in?

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