Electro-Voice RE50N/D-B

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Electro-Voice RE50N/D-B


Designed specifically as an ENG/EFP interview microphone. Every day, for local, national and international news reports, the RE50N/D-B gathers the audio for news interviews. The RE50B's custom "mic-within-a-mic" shock mount provides extremely low handling noise for superior sound. A large, built-in Acoustifoam filter keeps wind and P-pop noise to an absolute minimum, indoors or out.

Neodymium, also known as N/DYM or N/D, is a rare-earth element which, when magnetized, is four times more powerful than a normal magnet. Electro-Voice, the developers of N/DYM technology, found that N/D dynamic microphones give equivalent condenser performance without the condenser microphone drawbacks of dead batteries, failing phantom power, or problem operation in high humidity.

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