Electronic resources

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  • 006/007 Fields for Electronic Resources (Local)
  • 5xx Notes: AACR2 Order (Local)
  • 856 Guidelines
  • Direct Access Electronic Resources (CD-ROMs, etc.): QuickGuide (Local)
  • Integrating Resources: QuickGuide (Local)
  • Local Procedures for All Types of E Resources (Local)
Other sites
  • 856 field (LC's guide)
  • Cataloging electronic resources: OCLC/MARC coding guidelines
  • Integrating Resources: a Cataloging Manual (BIBCO)
  • Leader/06 field (Library of Congress)
  • OCLC-MARC coding guidelines (for type of record ("a" or "m"), etc.)
  • Source of Title Note for Internet Resources (OLAC)