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[[Category:Web Help Desk documentation]]

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-Use Incoming Mail Account as "From" Address - we do not have this checked so that we can force WHD to use the outgoing email accounts set below. This allows for MIIS to have a separate from email address.
-When ID in Subject Is Not Recognized - We have this set to "Create a new ticket". This affects the behavior of email-generated tickets.

Outgoing email accounts

Clicking on an email address bring up options for that email address.
-Friendly Name for Web Help Desk E-Mail Address - This is the "Name" that will appear in the "From" field in an email.
-Web Help Desk E-Mail Address - This is the email address from which WHD emails will come, and also the address to which people will reply. It is currently set to allow for email-generated tickets.

Incoming email accounts

Like above, clicking on an email address will bring up options. -Enable E-Mail Tickets - Checking this box allows for email-generated tickets. MIDD currently has this checked, MIIS does not.
-Outgoing Mail Account - This connects this incoming address to an outgoing.
-Tech Group - This is the tech group to which NEW ticket emails will be assigned if they come in. Existing ticket emails will route to their assigned tech groups.
-Request Type - This is the request type under which NEW ticket emails will be created.


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