Endowed funds book procedure

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Endowed Funds

Procedure changed FY15 (procedure sheet being updated MAM 8/17/15

  1. I will get a list of dollar amounts from the budge office (Sarah Larocque?)
  2. Create spreadsheet graph (O:\ORGS\LIS\LISstaff\Collection Management Cluster\Endowed Funds)
    (I just add new lines to last year’s chart)
  3. 10/11: $75.00 each for non science donations; $85.00 each for science donations
  4. Determine how many books per donor line
  5. Create monthly lists based on donor subject headings: add 541 fields and update chart

For new material received in necessary fiscal year

  1. Create List
  3. Order Recv Date between 07-31-08 and 06-30-09
  4. Bib Material equal to A (books)
    (These dates since we change fiscal year late in July)
    (You do get electronic books on this list but no videos, cds or other formats)

Many of the donors have nonsubjects identified for book topics. This is the list I use.

As I mark them with a 541 field, I delete them from the master list so they won’t be used again.

To Add Donor 541 field to Marc record

  1. Top of screen: ADMIN, SETTINGS, MACROS (top row)
  2. Click on SHIFT tab
  3. SHIFT F1 is the macro that will automatically add a 541 field
  4. Highlight the NAME and type new one
  5. Guidelines for Middlebury graduates found here
  6. Highlight the fund number: usually just the last 3 digits need be changed but sometimes all six
    (This info is found on the spreadsheet)
  7. At bottom click on SAVE SETTINGS and OK (do not click RESET)
  8. On Create List
  9. Highlight a title
  10. Click Edit (top)
  11. Order record will open
  12. From here click SHIFT and F1

You will see the MARC record appear and the 541 field start to be loaded

Then the record automatically closes on the list. No need to save it: that’s automatic.

Click on REMOVE (at top) so that title won’t be 541ed again

To create a list that has no 541 fields already in use

Use to locate records that do not contain a particular variable-length field -- You can use “equal to nothing” (= then a blank box) to retrieve records that lack a particular variable-length field. Select this operator and do not specify any characters after the equal sign.

For example, the search for "marc tag 541=" retrieves all records that do not contain a 541 field. Think of this as a search for "541 equals nothing", which retrieves all records with no authors.

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