Equipment Borrowing

Who can Borrow Equipment

Only faculty and staff can borrow faculty/staff laptops and iPads.

All other equipment can be borrowed by any student, faculty, or staff at any time, assuming it is available.

Guest borrowers and alumni may not borrow equipment.

Booking Equipment

All equipment at the Library (LCD projectors, camcorders, microphones, etc.) can be booked in advance by students, faculty, and staff. To book equipment, or adjust or cancel a booking, please contact the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk at 443-5494 or Armstrong Circulation Desk at 443-5449 or email library_circulation@middlebury.edu.

You may also book equipment online by filling out the Equipment Booking form.

Booked equipment must be picked up on the first day of the booking. The booking will be canceled the following day if it is not picked up, and the equipment made available to other borrowers.

Booked equipment must be picked up and checked out by the person for whom it is booked. A College ID is required. Please return equipment to the location from which it was checked out. For example, equipment that lives at the Davis Family Library cannot be returned at Armstrong Library.

Equipment You Can Borrow

A list from MIDCAT of all equipment available in the Library


Laptops for Students


Dell Latitude 6400 models and MacBook Pro laptops are available for 24-hour, in-house borrowing use at the Davis and Armstrong libraries. They cannot be reserved and they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Laptops may not be taken out of the building for any reason, nor can they be kept in carrels or lockers.


A replacement fee of $2,000 will be assessed to a borrower's College bill if a laptop is damaged, lost, stolen, or very overdue. The replacement fee for power adapters is $80-$100.


We strongly urge all library patrons to invest in a laptop cable to secure your laptop to your carrel. Laptop cables are sold at the Bookstore, and the Circulation Desk has a few available for short-term loan. Laptops should never be left unattended.


Wireless is available throughout the Davis Family Library and the Armstrong Library.

Laptops for Faculty and Staff


Dell Latitude E6430s model laptops and MacBook Air laptops are available at the Davis Family and Armstrong Libraries for faculty and staff. The standard loan period is two weeks. Please book online, call x5494, or email the Circulation Desk to check availability and make a reservation.

Patrons must login at the circ desk at the point of check-out or on campus via an ethernet cable. This ensures a) that the computer is in working order and B) that the patron is able to login to the network and access wireless capabilities off campus.

Please note that all personal data and files will be deleted from laptops upon return and will not be recoverable. Please uninstall any software and delete all personal files before returning the laptop.

Dell laptops

The Dell Latitude E6430s model laptop case includes 6 items: laptop, mouse, Ethernet cord, power cable, mini-HDMI connector and instruction sheet.

MacBook Air laptops

The MacBook Air laptop case includes 7 items: laptop, mouse, power cord, VGA (video) dongle, Ethernet cable, instruction sheet.

Samsung Galaxy Players

The Galaxy Player 3.6 carries a 3.65" LCD TFT (with a resolution of 480×320) instead of the AMOLED which is used by Samsung in most of its phones. The internal storage is flash 8 GB that can be expanded via a microSD card. The CPU is a single core 1 GHz based on ARM Cortex-A8 based CPU core (Omap3630). It has a removal battery, headset, speakers.

The player has a 2.0 MP rear-facing camera on the back, GPS location services, and an accelerometer.

The Galaxy is wireless; it supports Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) as well as Bluetooth 3.0 (A2DP, AVRCP, OPP, PBAP). Players are available at Armstrong Library only.

Camcorders and Tripods

Camcorders are available for a one-day loan period and they may be reserved in advance through the Circulation Desk.

Tripods are available for a one-day loan period and can be reserved in advance through the Circulation Desk.

Flash HD Handheld Camcorders include specific accessories according to the camcorder model. Video is recorded onto the camera's built-in memory, or your personal memory card (not included with all camcorder models).

Flash Memory Camcorder: Canon Model FS200 models have memory cards included. Play back video onto your computer, edit footage and burn onto a DVD. Quick-charge battery enables 10 minutes charging for 20 minutes shooting, 20 minute-charge gives 60 minutes video shooting. Canon Vixia HF R300 models, Canon FS 11 models and Canon Vixia HF R42 models are available for loan.

High Definition Camcorder: Canon XA10 Flash Memory professional camcorder features AVCHD codec (Advanced Video Coding High Definition). 10x HD zoom lens (ideal for mobile shooting), infrared recording (low light or night). Capacity for 24 hours recording video to a 64GB internal flash drive or to 2 SDXC-compatible memory slots.

Quick Tips

A firewire cable is not required to connect the camera to a computer (a USB cable is provided for this purpose). The USB setting may need to be adjusted to either "PC/Printer" or "Connect/Set."

No software installation CD is required to download data from the camera.

To charge: insert power cord into port of camcorder. Light will flash when charging and stay solid red when charging is complete.

To turn on: press silver on/off button on top of camera.

To start/stop recording: turn the wheel on the back side of camera to the red video camera icon, then press silver button with red dot (next to the icon)

To use USB cord: open LCD screen and insert the small end of the USB cord into the place marked "USB," and connect other end to computer

User Manual

Canon FS11 Flash user manual


Borrowers are responsible for various replacement charges up to $2,000., depending upon the model, for theft, loss, or damage to a camcorder.

Quick Tips

To charge: insert end of power cord into camcorder port. Light will flash when charging and stay solid red when complete.

To turn on: turn silver power dial on back side of camcorder from "off" to "camera."

To start/stop recording: press silver button on back side of camcorder (under "power" label).

To use firewire cord: insert blue end of firewire cord into blue part of camcorder, connect opposite end to computer.


Borrowers are responsible for a specific replacement charges, according to each model, for theft, loss, or damage to the camera.

Quick Tips

Turn on: press button on side of camera (above barcode)

Start/stop recording: press red button on back of camera

Zoom: press plus/minus buttons above and below red button

Play: press play button on back of camera (left side)

Delete: press trash can button on back of camera (right side)

User Manual

Flip Cam user manual

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are available for a one-day loan and can be reserved in advance through the Circulation Desk.

Canon Power Shot ELPH 100 Features:

~ 28mm wide-angle 4x optical zoom lens with lens-shift type image stabilizer
~ Smart Shutter, with Face, Smile and Wink Self-Timer
~ High-speed Burst mode, capturing approx. 8.2 frames per second
~ Handheld Night Scene and Best Image Selection mode
~ Movie Digest Mode records a short video clip right before shooting a still image and then combines one day's worth of clips into one video.
User Manual

Canon Power Shot User Manual


Borrowers are responsible for a replacement charge of $300 for theft, loss, or damage to the Power Shot ELPH digital camera.

Canon digital EOS Rebel T3i 18-55 mm IS II kit.


Borrowers are responsible for a replacement charge of $2,000 for theft, loss or damage to the Rebel T3i model.

LCD Projectors

LCD projectors are available for a one-day loan at the Davis Family and Armstrong Libraries and can be reserved in advance.

Projectors include a computer cable and power cord. Extension cords are also available for a one-day loan.

VGA adapters are available to connect a Mac laptop to a projector. Our VGA adapters are compatible with Macbook, Macbook Pro, Powerbook, Powerbook 12-inch, and Apple iBook.


Borrowers are responsible for a replacement charge of $2,500 for theft, loss, or damage to the projector

Kindle Fires

Kindle Fires are available at the Davis Family Library and Armstrong Library for a 14 day loan period. A power adapter is included.

Use of the Kindle devises requires you to have (or create) an Amazon account. You can find books and audio books to borrow at go/bookstogo.

All information will be deleted from the device upon check-in.


iPads are available at the Davis Family Library for a 14-day loan period for faculty/staff. The iPad carrying case includes a USB cord, power adapter/charger and a guide.

The following apps are included:
Atomic Lite browser
Calculator XL
Dragon dictation
Friendly for Facebook
Google Books
Google Earth
Google search
iAnnotate PDF
Office2 HD
Weather channel

Borrowers are responsible for a replacement charge of $600 for theft, loss or damage.

External Hard Drives (Mac only)

External Hard Drives (also known as Firewire Drives) are available at the Davis Family Library for a seven-day loan period. 

Drives include 2 firewire cables, USB cable, AC adapter and power cord.


Borrowers are responsible for a replacement charge of $300 for theft, loss, or damage to the external hard drive

Audio and recording equipment

The Library has a variety of equipment available for audio and recording projects.

Digital Voice Recorders: Small and portable, these can be used to record a lecture, meeting, or interview; then simply plug it into a USB port on a computer to download or upload files. They have a seven-day loan period.

User Manual

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-110 user manual

USB Microphones: Microphone on small stand with USB connection; great for anyone who needs to record audio. They can be borrowed for a one-day loan.

iPods with iTalk microphone: iTalks plug directly into an iPod (either a 30G from the Library, or a personal iPod) and are used for audio and voice recording. The loan period is seven days.

Headsets with microphones: Another option for voice recording, with a four-hour loan period.

Computer speakers: Plug into a PC, laptop, or iPod

Cassette recorders (hand-held and desktop): Yes, these still exist!

 Music Keyboards: LPK25 Mini

Keyboard players who want to work with software on their computer will find that the LPK25 gives their laptop the keys they need to express themselves anywhere. The LPK25 laptop performance keyboard is a USB-MIDI controller for musicians, producers, DJs and other music creators. The LPDK25 works plug and play with Mac and PC and requires no software driver installation or wall power for operation. It has four memory banks for programming and recalling settings appropriate to different software programs you use. It measures less than 13 inches across and weighs less than a pound to easily fit into a laptop case or backpack.

Equipment User Agreement

By borrowing Middlebury College equipment, I agree to sole responsibility for the following:
At check-out, confirm the length of the loan period, and that all equipment accessories are accounted for

  • Return of equipment by the due date/time
  • Return of equipment directly to the library it was borrowed from
  • Return of equipment directly to a staff member at the Circulation Desk
  • Replacement or repair of damaged, lost, or stolen equipment
  • Return of equipment with all accessories accounted for
  • Loss of equipment borrowing privileges
  • Responsible use of equipment

Please note:

  • All personal files, images, and software will be deleted upon return and will not be recoverable
  • Faculty/staff laptops require log-on while on campus prior to off campus use

LIS and Middlebury College disclaim all warranties, including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Neither LIS nor Middlebury College shall be liable to a user or any other person for any loss or damage of any kind related to configuration and operation of any equipment, including but not limited to, out-of-pocket expenses, consequential damages, inconvenience, loss of data, loss of profits, loss of use, emotional stress, physical injury, or damage to software or hardware. 

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