Equipment Cataloging Procedures

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General instructions: Create brief local bib records for any equipment that will be checked out by faculty or students.

Choose template from Millennium

  • Click NEW icon
  • Select Equipment bib

Modify template

  • Add: 099 CAMCORDER, CALCULATOR, TRIPOD, etc. [in capital letters]
  • Adjust: 245 (Create title specific to item) -- Sony digital Handycam, etc.
  • Adjust: 300 (Add brief description) -- 1 camcorder in leather case 1 instruction sheet, etc.
  • Add: 500 note if necessary for contents.
  • Add: 655 (Index/Genre term) -- Camcorders, Tripods, etc.
  • Keep: 655 -- Equipment.
  • Do not add initials

Item Record

  • Location: usually mmce
  • Item code 2: u [uncataloged]
  • Cost: check with Dean
  • Add VOLUME field for MC number: e.g., MC#18
  • Add MESSAGE field: Check for 2 cables, etc.

Special Notes

  • Laptops
    • 4-hour loaners within library: give to P&P for security strip; no property label necessary
    • Staff/Faculty loaners: Tape a property sticker on top. These do not get barcoaded