Equipment procedures

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"Borrowing Equipment" page on the Borrowing Wiki page

This page is an overview of our most popular equipment, and includes booking info and loan period guidelines, quick tips, links to manuals, and MIDCAT availability.

There's also a Go link! Simply type go/equipment into your browser.

Daily Routine for Equipment (for Circulation Supervisors)

  • Check-in of all multiple-piece equipment (camcorders, firewire drives, faculty/staff laptops, iPods, LCD projectors, digital cameras, memory card readers, conference phones, digital presenter)
  • Image, delete, charge, check/tidy all parts for returned equipment
  • Use equipment returns cart to hold returns until able to devote time needed to check in and charge, check for parts, re-image etc.
  • Run bookings maintenance in mornings to ensure equipment is tagged and available
  • Run bookings maintenance in evenings to ensure equipment is tagged and available for the next day
  • Overdues: rely on automated notices, but send personal emails when a booking is (or will soon be) jeopardized
  • Long term loan requests: coordinate with Helpdesk or Media Services to fill if possible
  • Support branch libraries and their equipment needs via regular check-ins and coordinating requests 
  • Equipment closet / storage unit inspection: organize bags, spot check accessories within bags
  • Fac/Staff laptop inspection: organize and spot check
  • Four-hour laptop loaners / power adapters tidy (1 per laptop and adapter on each shelf in cart)
  • Headphones: tidy and wrap cords
  • Wrap cords; general tidy of equipment and cordage
  • Inventory of equipment as time/activity levels allow
  • Cancel old bookings - view bookings for dates past

Yellow Cable Program

  • Yellow cables are provided by LIS to supplement wireless coverage in the Libraries
  • Middlebury College students, staff and faculty may borrow an Ethernet cable for in-library use by leaving their Midd ID at the Circ Desk
  • Lost cables will need to be replaced before the ID is returned
  • No Midd ID - NO cable; NO exceptions
  • Each Circ Desk will keep ID cards secure in a mini-file box
  • Unclaimed IDs should go to Public Safety

Equipment Training Tutorial

The Library has over sixty different types of equipment available for loan through the Circulation Desk. Most equipment lives at the Davis Family Library, but there are smaller pools of equipment at Armstrong Library, as well. All of it is available for short-term loan only.

How to Search for Equipment in Millennium or MIDCAT

: Many equipment-related questions will come to you in person and over the phone. It is important to know how to identify the equipment that lives at the Circulation Desk. In Millennium: choose the "Search/Holds" button and do a "Genre" search for "equipment." In MIDCAT: do a "Genre" search for "equipment." Both will pull up a complete, alphabetical listing of all equipment at the Library.

A "Title" search for a specific piece of equipment ("camcorder" or "firewire drive") in MIDCAT and Millennium will pull up that specific piece of equipment instead of the comprehensive list.

When you select a specific piece of equipment (an iBook laptop, for example), you can see how many we own, where they live (Davis Family, Armstrong), and their status (checked out, available, being repaired, etc).

Checking Out Equipment to Borrowers

: Only students, faculty, and staff of the College can borrow equipment. Alumni and community borrowers cannot. Our equipment is in high demand and intended for short-term use. Any requests for an extended loan period must be referred to a supervisor for special permission, which may or may not be granted.  If borrowers are checking out a laptop or an iPod, they must also read and sign an agreement form at the Circulation Desk.

When you check out a piece of equipment, be sure to carefully read all messages that pop up. These are extremely important as they alert you to check for accessories that belong with the equipment. Here is one example of a message (for a camcorder): "Check for 4 items in case: camcorder; battery pack; power adapter with power cable attached; firewire cable." If you are ever unsure of what you are looking for, please ask a supervisor. Please check each item thoroughly every time.

Once the item is checked out, please clearly state the day and time that the item is due. Often, the item is needed by another borrower as soon as it's returned, so it is our job to communicate the loan period each and every time we check out equipment so that there is no confusion.

Booked Equipment

All equipment available at the Library can be booked ahead of time -- anywhere from one day in advance to many months in advance. Please refer all requests for equipment reservations to a Circulation Supervisor.

When a borrower comes to the Circulation Desk and says that a piece of equipment is being held for them, you will find it in the equipment closet on the "Booked Circ Equipment" shelf. The item will have a booking slip attached, stating the name of the borrower and the dates of the loan period. Booked laptops for faculty and staff can be found in the Laptop storage unit in the equipment area. Please let a supervisor know if you have any questions about something that is booked.

The Media Services department (which handles equipment for all special events and lectures) also has a pool of equipment available for loan. Their equipment is not barcoded and cannot be found in MIDCAT or Millennium. Media Services handles all reservations and establishes the loan periods for each item. When an item from this pool is reserved, someone from Media Services will bring it to Circulation and place it on the "Media Services Equipment: Pick Ups" shelf. The borrower's name will be on the equipment, and it can just be handed to the borrower when they come to pick it up -- no need to check it out like you would the equipment at the Circulation Desk.

Checking In Equipment When Returned

Equipment contained in bags should be given to a Circulation Supervisor for check-in.  This means student workers should NOT be checking in: camcorders, LCD projectors, laptops, iPods, firewire drives, digital cameras, memory card readers, conference phones, and the digital presenter.  Equipment with only one "piece" (e.g. digital voice recorders, microphones, tripods) should be checked in by student workers.

Equipment Needing Repair

Sometimes a piece of equipment will stop working. Please get as many details about the problem as possible from the borrower, and then fill out an "Equipment Repair Slip" on top of the equipment drawers and tape it to the equipment. Please fill the slip out completely, and make sure to mark the item as "being repaired" in Millennium before leaving it on Steve's desk. The only time you don't want to mark something as "being repaired" would be if repairs were needed because a borrower damaged the equipment. In that case, please leave it on the borrower's record so we can follow up re: replacement costs and billing.

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