Export Your Internet Explorer Favorites

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Note: We recommend placing your export file on OneDrive or Google Drive so you can access it from your new or re-imaged computer.

  1. Log on to your computer then launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the yellow star icon, top right.
  3. Click the drop-down triangle to the right of Add to Favorites.
  4. Choose Import and Export.
  5. Select Export to a file. Click Next button.PNG.
  6. Select Favorites. Click Next button.PNG.
  7. Select the Favorites folder. Click Next button.PNG.
  8. Click Browse when the "Where do you want to export your favorites? window appears. The Select Bookmark File dialog box opens.
  9. Select your storage space on OneDrive or Google Drive as the storage location.
  10. Change the name of your favorites file to reflect the browser and date of this save. For example, "IE favorites-7-16-2014.htm".
  11. Click Save. The "Type or browse to a file" field will reflect your choice of filename and location.
  12. Click Export.
  13. The message "You have successfully exported these settings" should appear. Click Finish.
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