Exporting FileMaker Pro Data to an Excel Spreadsheet

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FileMaker Pro databases are not very friendly when it comes to creating mail merge layouts for letters/envelopes; more support options are in place if data is exported to Excel and then merged using Word.
Exporting FileMaker Pro Data
1. Open the FileMaker Pro database.
2. From the File menu, point to Import/Export, and then select Export Records from the submenu.
3. Give the file a name.
4. From the Save as type drop-down list, select DIF. This creates a file that can easily be opened with Excel.
5. Click Save.
6. Double-click on the fields needed for the export. The field names appear in the right panel.
7. When all the desired pieces of info appear in the right-hand panel, click Export.
8. Open the file with Excel.
9. Insert a row at the top of the file and put field names at the tops of each column. Use these field names when inserting the fields into a mail merge document.

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