External hard disks

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Usage Tips for Any External Hard Drive

Student owned external hard drives

The helpdesk provides very limited support for student owned external hard drives:

  • Limited instruction on how to use them
  • Limited instruction on how to format one
  • Basic diagnosis if a hard drive is failing

If a student external is suspected to be failing, the Helpdesk can point you in the right direction to begin backup, and can help you find who to contact. The Helpdesk cannot repair external hard drives, and will not contact the manufacturer.

External hard drives given by the College to faculty and staff

  • The Helpdesk can provide instruction on how to use and format them.
  • If the drive was purchased by the Helpdesk, they can help contact the manufacturer if the drive is failing.
  • The Helpdesk may be able to provide a replacement external hard drive, depending on how the drive was purchased (personal funds, departmental funds, LIS funds)

External hard drives loaned by the Library Circulation Desk

  • They come in two flavors: Mac and PC. Please do not change the format on these (so a Mac hard disk should be returned as a Mac hard disk).
  • If you encounter a failing circ hard disk, return it to Circ, they will arrange for the Helpdesk to replace or repair it.
  • Erase/delete your data before returning the drive to Circ.

Diagnostic tools for external hard drives

On the Mac:

  • TechTool Deluxe (can be downloaded from Apple if you have Apple Care
  • TechTool Pro. The Helpdesk has a copy of this software. While it cannot be checked-out, you can bring your drive to the Helpdesk and they can run the diagnostic tests.
  • Disk Warrior (see TechTool Pro above)

On the PC:

  • SeaTools: Provided by Seagate. Works with most, if not all external hard drives. Can be downloaded from Seagate (click "Seatools for Windows").
  • Data Lifeguard Diagnostic: Provided by Western Digital. Works with most, if not all external hard drives. Can be downloaded from Western Digital.
    • It should be fairly self-explanatory how to use it. If needed, the program has a "Help" button that's accessible after you launch it. The user manual is here: WinDLG Manual.

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