FAQ Best Practices (Web Help Desk)

  • Use the Search feature to determine whether an FAQ already exists for your proposed submission.
  • The “Q” portion of your FAQ should be phrased as a brief question.
  • The answer ("A") portion should be brief as well. Find (or create!) detailed instructions on the wiki, then link your FAQ to them. Anything important enough for an FAQ should be in the wiki as more people use this resource and it reduces the chance of outdated info creeping into Web Help Desk.
  • If using the “Create FAQ” button (Create a new FAQ from this note) from the tech note in an existing ticket, be advised that WHD automatically generates your FAQ content using the entire request detail and tech note from the ticket. You will need to edit the FAQ to rephrase it as a question and remove specific references to customers. (Hint: Use the check box to search for “not approved” FAQs to find your submissions.)
  • If your FAQ is platform- or software-specific, make this clear in your question so customers can easily determine whether or not it applies to them. Whenever possible, create generic questions and include multiple solutions (such as one for PCs and one for Macs) for one-stop shopping.
  • When reviewing wiki content, be sure to check the tagging. When appropriate, add the “Public Search” and/or “Helpdesk Documentation” tags to ensure content can be found by customers using searches on go/helpdesk and go/lishelp.
  • If including links to GO shortcuts, be sure to create links using this format so the link will work from off-campus: http://go.middlebury.edu/yourgoshortcut
revised by Pij 3/24/17
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