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What is an FAQ and how does it work in WHD?

a. An FAQ is a specific question tied to a specific request type (or sub-request type) in WHD and the answer to that question

b. In the client view, FAQs show up when a client starts a ticket. The visible FAQs change depending on what request type the client selects for their ticket. They can be further refined by the client selecting a sub-request type.

c. In the tech view, FAQs can be accessed from the ticket creation screen (see Linking an FAQ to a ticket, below) or from the FAQ tab.

How does a tech create an FAQ?

1. The first way a tech can create an FAQ is to navigate to the FAQs tab in WHD.

  • Select “New FAQ”
  • Select a category (Request type)
  • (optional) Select a sub request type
  • Type the question. Keep it generic and to the point.
  • Type the answer. Ideally, answers would be short and direct, linking out to existing documentation for more detail.
  • Select an audience (selecting techs only will make the FAQ not visible to clients)
  • Select models (if an FAQ applies to a certain type of asset – Otherwise, leave as the default “All”)
  • The location should be left as “All”
  • If the information in the FAQ will be obsolete at some point, select an expiration date.
  • Save

2. The second way to create an FAQ is from within a ticket. This method uses the Request Detail from the ticket as the Question. Because of this, it is not an ideal way to create an FAQ, as the request detail often contains other personal information or specifics that do not necessarily lend themselves to an FAQ.

  • Create a new note. The text of the note will be the answer to the FAQ
  • In this case, the request type and sub-request type of the ticket will be the category of the FAQ.
  • Click the “Create FAQ” button. When asked if you really want to do this, select “OK”.

Linking an FAQ to a ticket

a. In a ticket, create a new tech note.

b. Click the “Link FAQ” button below the text box.

c. A new window opens allowing you to select an FAQ to link. By default, the window opens to a search of FAQs matching the ticket’s request and sub-request type. You can change this if needed.

d. Find the FAQ you want to link, and click the “Link” button on the far right.

e. Back in the tech note in the ticket, all this does is puts in a link directly to the FAQ, so you should type something along the lines of “Please follow this link to an FAQ that should guide you through a solution to your issue.”

f. Proceed to save the ticket as usual.

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