FCP Video Export

The following instructions describe how to export a full resolution digital file for archiving, playback, and sourcing other distribution formats.

  • This tutorial assumes that the timeline is complete. All edits, transitions, motion graphics, and leading and trailing black slugs are in place. Play through the timeline once from start to finish to verify that it is ready for export.
  • Select Sequence->Render All->Both.
Choose Sequence -> Render All -> Both.
  • Select File->Export->Quicktime Movie.
Export -> Quicktime Movie.
  • Name your quicktime movie using the Projecttitle_LastnameFirstinitial convention in the "Save As" input field.
Save your file.
  • Choose the location where the file will be saved by browsing to Xsan_Media->CourseName->YourName->ProjectName.
  • For the "Setting:" dropdown choose "Current Settings". This provides a native resolution digital file of your media.
  • For the "Include:" dropdown choose "Audio and Video". This includes all audio and video tracks in the quicktime file.
  • For the "Markers:" dropdown choose "None", unless you have added chapter markers and plan to make a dvd with chapters. In that case choose "All".
  • Leave the "Recompress all frames" checkbox unchecked. The whole idea is to get an uncompressed digital file so don't re-compress!
  • Leave the "Make Movie Self Contained" checkbox checked. This will allow you to copy the .mov file to any computer and it will open and play.
  • Select "Save".
  • A Projecttitle_LastnameFirstinitial.mov file appears in the location that you determined. Click on the file once to highlight it and then choose File->Get Info or Command + i.
Get Info
  • In the "Spotlight Comments" section add the following information separated by a comma. Full Name, Work Title, Course Name, Course Number, Semester and Year, Professor.
Spotlight Comments
  • In the "Open With" section choose "Quicktime Player" from the dropdown list. Now when you double click on the file it will automatically open in Quicktime instead of Final Cut Pro.
Open With
  • Congratulations, you have created a full resolution digital quicktime file of your project. This is your uncompressed source file that you can use to create smaller, compressed versions of the file for your ipod, for the web, for a dvd, etc.

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