FCP Video Export

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Anytime that you want to view or work with your project outside of Final Cut Pro you will need to export it. This could be to save a final version of your movie, to show your progress in class, to create a file to publish to the web, etc. The first step is to make sure that everything in the timeline is rendered.

Choose Sequence -> Render All -> Both.

Choose Sequence -> Render All
Choose Sequence -> Render All -> Both.

Next Choose File -> Export -> Quicktime Movie.

Choose File -> Export
Export -> Quicktime Movie.

Name your movie and save it in the following location Xsan_Media/S09_Sight and Sound I/"Yourname".

Save your file.

This file will default to open in Final Cut Pro.  If you right click on the file you can choose "Open With" and choose Quicktime. To make Quicktime the default application to open this file you can highlight the file and choose File -> Get Info. Under the "Open With" dropdown button choose Quicktime.

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