FMMC Audio Suite

Audio Suite


The FMMC Audio Suite is a single seat Audio Studio with a Recording Booth that supports Film and Media Culture production courses. The Studio is equipped with software and hardware for audio recording, audio editing, and audio mixing. The Audio Suite is intended for advanced students and requires a demonstrated knowledge of the software and equipment and/or training.


  • Mac Pro Tower
  • 20" Apple Cinema Displays
  • Mackie Near Field Audio Monitors
  • Digidesign Firewire Audio Interface
  • Shure Studio Microphone
  • Neumann Studio Microphone
  • Microphone Stand
  • Script Stand
  • Headphone Amp



The following instructions give explain how to record audio in the booth through the Digidesign 003 Rack, using your choice of software: Amadeus, Final Cut Pro, or Pro Tools.

  • Turn on the power to the Digidesign 003 Rack.
  • With the 003 Rack already on, turn on the computer. It is important to make sure that the 003 Rack is on BEFORE the computer, most problems occur when not following this first step.
  • Note that the red "Mute" LED is on after turning on the 003 Rack. This not only lets you know that the 003 Rack is on, but it also prevents you from damaging your eardrums and/or the speakers in the room.
  • To record using Final Cut Pro follow the instructions below.
  • Launch Final Cut Pro. Follow the FCP Setup Instructions.
Launch Final Cut Pro
  • Select Tools->Voice Over (Option+0)
Voice Over Tool
  • Name the audio track. Choose Digidesign HW as the Source and Input. Click Record. It is important to note that this will only record using Input 1 (Booth Mic 1) of the Digi 003 Rack.
Voice Over Settings
  • To record using Amadeus follow the instructions below.
  • Launch Amadeus Pro.
Launch Amadeus Pro
  • Select Amadeus Pro->Preferences. Choose the "Sound" Tab. Choose Input Settings.
Input Settings
  • Select Advanced Settings. Choose the correct Channel based on your desired input. Channel 1 = Booth Mic 1. Channel 4 = Control Room Mic.
Advanced Input Settings
  • Choose Output Settings.
Output Settings
  • Press the Record button.
  • To record using Digidesign Pro Tools, follow the instructions below.
  • Launch Pro Tools.
Launch Pro Tools
  • Select File->New Session (Command+N)
New Session
  • Name the session and select a save destination. Pro Tools will not save directly to the Xsan so create a new folder with your first and last name in the "Workspace" drive. Save the session in this folder.
Save the Session
  • Select Track->New (Command+Shift+N)
Create a New Track
  • Select the number of new tracks that you would like to create, a mono or stereo track, the type of track, and the location of the track.
Track Info
  • Click on Edit Window View Selector (see image) and make sure that "i/o" is checked.
Window View Selector
  • Choose the correct "input" and "output". Choose "Analog1" for the booth mic1 input and "Analog 1-2" for output to hear the track via the speakers in the room.
Choose Input and Output
  • Record Enable the track by clicking on the "R" that appears next to the "S" and "M".
Record Enable
  • Use the Transport Controls (Command+1) to begin recording.
Transport Controls
  • When you are finished choose File->BounceTo->Disk
Bounce to Disk
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Axinn Center at Starr Library Room 012


1 Workstation, 2 seats


Fiber Connection to the FMMC Xsan

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